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Ireally like to see people having a great time on the dance floor. I am so gladthat I can be a part of that.  ~Charles Feelgood

Pointblank, Charles Feelgood loves music and even more, he loves sharing it with hisfans. The man prides himself on his ability to connect with his audience –through a wicked combination of his exuberant personality and his exquisiteability to know what fills and keeps a dance floor pumpin’.

Hisrise to dance music infamy dates back to his humble beginnings as the leadingforce behind the Baltimore / Washington DC electronic music scene. Alongsidehis partner, and fellow DJ, Scott Henry, Feelgood launched Fever, which fornearly a decade became one of the most sought after events for touring DJs fromaround the world.

Itwas the days after starting Fever that Feelgood enhanced his reputation amongstthose the international dance community. He parlayed his danceable brand ofHouse music up and down the East coast and became renown for his creativeability to incorporate his love of 80’s music with a variety of different Housestyles into his sets. In the years that have followed, he has taken his talentsto all ends of the earth – from North and South America to Russia and Asia, andeverywhere in between. He has appeared at such seminal events as Coachella, andLollapalooza, and has become a welcome fixture with Insomniac, Giant, and KarmaFoundation. He also plays quite regularly in Los Angeles (Vanguard, Playhouse),San Francisco (Ruby Skye), and has been a part of the annual Mardi Grasfestivities in New Orleans for over a decade.

Aroundthe turn of the century, Feelgood moved from the familiarity of his East coastdomain to sunny SoCal. Since the cross-county relocation he has becomeensconced in the West coast scene and ramped up his production work. Hisinitial popularity was assisted thanks in part to his legendary mixed series,"Time to Get Ill" and has continued to flourish though the release ofremixes and singles such as “Hands,” “Aerobic Martini,” “Strobe Light,” and“Burnin”. He is a  mainstay in the Top100 on BeatPort and Top 10 on a number of other worldwide digital sites.

Inthe past year Feelgood has had several releases on Major and Independent labelssuch as PornoStar, Instereo and Burn The Fire - remixing everything from LadyGaga to P Diddy. He also had a breakout track called "Hands" on Ultrathat made the Beatport Top 100 chart several weeks running with an Alex Kenjiremix.

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