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Cesar Caballero


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Cesar Caballero (Toronto)


Passion is a prerequisite for musicians.Consistent creativity and precision is born from love and curiosity, and all ofthe above can only be fostered through passion. Cesar Caballero exudes agenuine passion for music.  He is a truemusician.

Born in Cartagena, Colombia, Cesar's alwaysbeen open to exploring new sounds, especially those that represent hisCaribbean identity. He appreciates the diverse ways of communicating throughmusic and has made it his life's mission to create a musical language he cancall his own.

The journey began more than 20-years agowhen Cesar picked up the drums; an expected medium for someone exposed to afroCaribbean folk music most of his life. In 1991 Cesar started collaborating with various rock bands, and by themid nineties he was contributing to the soundtracks of several Colombian TVshows.

A new seed was planted in 1999 when Cesarbegan DJing and became a featured artist at Oz, Cartagena's first undergroundhouse club.   Inspirations from thistwo-year residency were deeply entrenched in his next band project, Wayove, aneight-person crew producing an afro Caribbean fusion of funk and rock.

Wayove enjoyed international acclaim,touring throughout Colombia and Mexico in support of their full-length albumNova Caribe.  In 2005 they broke throughin North America and by 2006 the entire band had relocated to Canada.

They continued to gig together through2008; however, the thriving Toronto club scene had nurtured Cesar’s undergroundseed to full bloom.  House music, DJingand electronic production became Cesar’s primary focus, confirmed by the launchof his record label, Groove Garden Recordings.

The imprint is thriving with upcomingcollaborations from Omid 16B, Luke Fair and Hernan Cerbello.  Cesar’s personally conjuring up a steadystream of fresh ideas in funky deep house, and continues to drum in a parallelproject called Quantum Vox.

As a DJ, Cesar’s performed alongside EDMlegends the likes of Tom Middleton, Satoshi Tomiie, Guido Schneider, NinaKraviz and Desyn Masiello.  Hisprogressive in-booth style is focused on groove and the warm vibes only atrue-blooded South American can contrive.

DJing, producing and playing drums arepermanent components of Cesar Caballero’s spirit.  Promoting music and the positive energy thatcomes from it is what Cesar was born to do. Some would call it his destiny; he simply loves to share his passionwith all of you.


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