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The Houston-based newcomer known as Calcium continues his meteoric rise to fame with the aptly titled Skull Vault EP. A four-tracker built on the foundations of all that is dark and heavy in the dubstep and riddim world, the resulting EP is sure to elevate Calcium even further in the eyes of those who like to stomp it out in the pit.

Most impressively, the young producer’s sound continues to evolve and while the signature skull and bones elements of his early output remains, the power of his vision shines through in a jaw-dropping way as melodic elements and epic intros compete with the untethered fury at the core.

From the goosebump-inducing pain of “Crusher” to the wonky flex of “Comply” and “Break This Down,” it’s obvious that Calcium is hyperaware of the opportunity to pull out all the stops and take advantage of the platform that Black Label is offering up with the EP. This sentiment is best realized on the collaborative killer known as “Turn It Up” where Calcium goes head-to-head with Flix and proves he’s just as much of a beast in collab mode as he is on the solo tip.

It’s obvious that Calcium is here to stay and with the future looking heavier with each and every release we thought it was the right time to sit the youngblood down and figure out what makes his own skull tick.

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