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Brunno Santos fast became one of the major statement makers in the international house music scene. His sets impressed dancers at all the area’s top clubs, leading to his being given a residency at Therapy Night Club and recently headline engagements at famed Club Rise in his home town Boston where many super star dj’s like Richie Hawtin – Loco Dice – Paco Osuna – Marco Bailey and many more underground artist also have residencies at. Now as a international dj playing in Brazil and famous 2014 BPM in Mexico.

Brunno Santos style of Techno, Tech House, Minimal started with a trip to New York City’s Sound Factory, in those times perhaps the major house music DJ arena in America, that revealed to a still very young Santos the secrets of house. 24 hour sets, even 36-hour sets by Jonathan Peters was a big influence on his style today.

Back in Boston, Santos dedicated himself to the DJ art. He was then of course, mixing two vinyl 12-inxch singles, the classic house music platform. As a vinyl DJ, he worked “wherever they would give me a chance. Club AXIS and The Loft, where Santos had many open sets. After many months of itinerant DJ-ing, Santos moved to Miami, where he lived for two years, 2004 and 2005. There he developed his sound, DJ- ing at major clubs – including Club Space and Amica in what was then (and continues to be) America’s second most important house music scene. There Santos developed a foundation he needed to become great.

Then it was back to New England and the beginning of his steady move toward local stardom. He started spinning at all major events, and also began making the transition to CD discs giving up 12-inch vinyl. And pretty soon he landed a regular gig at the Boiler Room in Worcester, which turned out to be his Big Break. “The Boiler Room residency built up Santos name and pretty soon after he was asked to play at therapy shearing the stage with Chris Liebing.

Santos has also become his own track producer. features Brunno Santos tracks. His sound on these tracks is radically evolved from his underground background. His new productions are highly embroidered underground tech music — very appropriate for high-ceiling, midnight-dark dance emporia. As well as sexy enough to engage the cute fashionistas . One listen to Santos’s new Beatport tracks, and you’ll want much more.

Brunno is broad and diverse, but with a focus as strong and unflinching as the Muzik Groove artists themselves. Santos, born in Minas Gerais – Brazil, first discovered house music as a youngster ( 1995 ) and never turned back. Major influence on his style: Loco Dice, Marco Corola. Brunno Santos is the owner of Muzik Groove Recordings. You can find Brunno’s record label on


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