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BREK.ONE is not the type of DJ than can be neatly categorized into a definable box. His passion for art can be traced to his days as a visual/graffiti artist in Boston using aerosol hues and city textures to spread a message of freedom and creativity.

BREK.ONE’s ability to combine color and technique is an attribute he also applied to DJing – using multiple genres of music on a canvas of sound. With an eclectic taste, which includes everything from Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Public Enemy to Chaka Khan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie and everything in between.

BREK.ONE has become one of most sought after DJ’s on the east coast and has recently secured residencies overseas while currently holding his main residency at one of the United Sates mega clubs / premier Boston club; ROYALE.

His style of DJing has earned him many accolades gaining the attention of people in the corporate world which he would soon call his clients. Most recently featured playing a high profile event in GQ magazine, his skill and impeccable taste in music has led him to playing parties and events for major companies such as Nike, Red Bull, and cPanel as well as “A-list” celebrities such as Pharell Williams (N.E.R.D) and Tom Brady.

With a love for music, design and fashion – Brek doesn’t see any limitations on the way he chooses to express himself.