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Scrubs and a scalpel are far from traditional attire and equipment for a DJ, but then again Boris MD isn't your conventional DJ. A medical doctor, a surgeon no less, is the last person you would expect to find behind turntables at filled-to-capacity venues and a DJ is the least likely person to conduct surgery in the operating room. Yet, Boris MD comfortably lives the double life so naturally and with such ease that would make Dr. Jekyll jealous.
Raised outside of London, a gifted and accomplished student, Boris turned down his acceptance to medical school in order to pursue his education in the United States. It's a gamble that changed the course of his life. En route to the U.S., Boris spent two weeks on vacation in Kushadasi, the Ibiza of Turkey. It was there that the 17 year-old was exposed to dance and electronic music, the world of nightclubs and the marvel of mixed tapes. He was captivated by the energy and drawn in such a way that he would grow to not only emulate leading DJ's such as Sasha, Digweed, and Nick Warren, but also become a contributing member of the electronic music community. What attracted Boris the most was the DJ, the way he orchestrated and created a musical escape for the yearning audience. It was an impression that would stay with him always. By 1991, Boris had moved to California and attended University of California, Irvine where he again concentrated on pursuing his Bachelor's and eventually his Medical Degree. Boris stayed on top of the Euro-music scene and after his first college house party decided to purchase 2 CD players and a mixer. One month later he upgraded to his first set of turntables and since 1992 the rest has been history in the making. Boris was so talented and ambitious that he diligently immersed himself in the music scene without compromising his education or losing sight of his goals.
Since then Boris, the physician has earned his Master's in Public Health from UCLA, and his Medical Degree from UCI and is currently completing his residency in Surgery. Meanwhile, Boris the artist has played at world-class venues such as Vanguard, Avalon, JET and 4th and B and is currently involved in producing music. His collaboration with Zubin and Khaz as Departure has launched him into the next level of his career.
So how does he do it? What's his secret? Most people have a hard enough time focusing on one career while Boris MD lives like a modern-day superhero, trading his scrubs and smock for headphones and a turntable as he descends upon the dance and electronic music world. It's a comfortable place for him; both careers rely on precision and attention to detail, confidence and expertise, and above all as a surgeon and a DJ it's Boris MD's job to make sure you feel better. From the sounds of it music is just what the doctor ordered, medicine for the mind, body and soul. You can expect great things from Boris MD; the best is definitely yet to come. This is one doctor who is ready to rock the house and he's licensed to do it.


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