Bombs Away


One of the few acts to hold down 5 concurrent places on the ARIA, iTunes, Djdownload, Djtunes and Beatport charts concurrently, along with Swagger rocking National and Ministry of Sound radio, sitting at the 3rd most popular track of the current Ministry Album in iTunes Top 10.

The boys are currently on their SWAGGER tour in the US, headlining massive electro, dubstep, club and musica shows in L.A., Miami, Detroit, Calfornia, San Diego, and San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, Columbia and Brazil, along with SINGLES, Big Booty Bitches and Swagger, Bombs Away smashing clubs and charts around the world as we speak.

Bombs Away have more highly anticipated due for release and download this season, including the massive SUPERSOAKER! along with remixing and f#cking with names like Stanton Warrior, Coolio, Ceelo Green, Kyllan Mash & Akon, Dirty Loud, Katy Perry, Mike Posner, Mind Electric, KCB & Touring till they know the inflight safety speech like the next days hangover, they're rocking Festival lineups & sold out shows around the world this Summer!

The Bombs Away LIVE sound is Thomas Hart (Vocals/Synth) & Sketch (Guitar/Vocals/DJ) f#cking around with party rockin sets that sound pretty much like the soundtrack to Obama backflipping out of a helicopter, these boys are here to party!

With 4 Decks & 2 Mics the duo use anything at their disposal to get the crowd sweating, dropping lyrics, loops, samples, accapellas & synths over the fattest tracks & their own bootlegs & tunes!


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