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In barely two years has BNJMN become known for an idiosyncratic, experimental electronic sound that operates in a world of its own. Loosely called house and techno, Benjamin Thomas's music is so much more. EPs and well received full lengths for the esteemed Rush Hour have proven that, drawing on a world of influences from Aphex to Eno, but never paying reverence, instead blurring lines, smudging sonic associations and ranging from mechanical funk jams to arresting melodic house.

"I would say that I'm not as concerned about electronic music's history as I'm more interested in creating something new and unique" he says. "For me, it seems that a lot of house or techno producers follow too much of what's gone on before. I listen to a lot of older music and am inspired by a lot of it, but the stuff that I'm inspired by the most is the stuff that sounded like nothing that came before it."

And it's a similar story with BNJMN's live performances, which are never the same twice. They evolve constantly and revolve around Ableton and controllers to mix old and new material, back catalogue remixes and more, all on the fly.

"I tend to feel that music gets watered down pretty quickly if people are concerned about what genre something fits into. I try to stay as clear minded as possible when creating, and am more interested in trying to create an environment or something sonically unique than making stuff within certain parameters. I'll doing everything I can to make the music sound unique rather than trying to create a piece of music that a certain DJ can play."

This isn't Thomas's only creative outlet. In the past he has recorded as JackHigh, collaborated with Teebs and released on two Beatnicks compilations. Besides currently remixing Kirk Degiorgio on Far Out, his next LP is set to land on Rush Hour in March 2013 which will surely only detail yet further the alternate sonic reality of BNJMN.

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