Blank & Jones


It's been exactly 10 years now that the world's famous DJ Mag wrote these words about Blank & Jones:
"...two German trance-meisters who clearly believe in eating raw meat for breakfast..." (DJ MAG May 1999)
Over the past decade, the two producers have released 10 artist longplayers, more than 20 singles (all of them charted in
the Sales Charts) and also founded their very own label SOUNDCOLOURS plus set up their own music publishing. So they
are totally independent in the music industry.
The new Album "Eat Raw For Breakfast" was made under the impressions of their recent tour in Australia and New
Zealand. They were requested for this amazing show called "Boombox" which set new standards in stage design and
visual effects. When Piet and Jaspa saw the first scetches and animated ideas for this tour, they knew that they wanted to
create a special sound for this incredible show. So within 2 months they recorded all songs on this album and had the focus
on Club Music and Nightclubbing only!
The result is a new sound that totally rocked the tour and showcases perfectly what Blank & Jones sound like in the club
today! It is mixed non stop to bring the perfect flavour to your ears.
The artwork is another masterpiece which shows their passion for modern art. After they worked with the legendary
designer Emil Schult (who designed all artworks for Kraftwerk as well), on their "Monument" album, they now had a master
student of no other than Gerhard Richter to design the artwork for the new album. Frank Bauer is famous for his photo
realism and created a very unique and outstanding cover art which goes perfectly with the music.


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