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Party crews, backyard parties and a genuine love for music were the ingredients that molded this young party goer into an entertainer.Big Syphe, oldest of three children grew up in a Los Angeles suburb where he was determined to make his mark in the music industry. Since then, his passion and drive has led him towards the path of radio success and continues as he currently co-owns a music production company, Vanguards Production.

Big Syphe began his journey as a deejay by collecting vinyl recordsand practicing his mixing skills in a friend's garage. Persistence and dedication slowly began to pay off as he would later deejay some ofthe best backyard parties in Los Angeles. His popularity and network grew, he started landing opening gigs at Hollywood's hottest nightclubs.

With the rise of his local success, Syphe decided to take is career to the next level, working at Power 106, L.A.'s #1 Hip Hop station, as a street team member. There, he not only got a chance to work with industry pros, but was able to experience the radio business firsthand while perfecting his mixing skills and entertaining crowds.

It wasn't long before executives recognized Big Syphe's talent,popularity, and ability to entertain, as he quickly became co-host of the station's afternoon show,The Big Syphe & Eric D-lux Show.Since its takeoff, the show has dominated the airwaves, making Syphe one of the L.A.'s most popular radio personalities.

Mastering his craft as a successful radio personality has opened many doors to greater opportunities for the internationally renowned deejay. As a music producer, he has worked with the likes of JOHN SINGLETON, Pitbull, AKON, FAT JOE, FRANKIE J, T-PAIN and many more.The sky is the limit for this young entertainer; listen as he continues to rock the airwaves.

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