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Bianca Linta


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Recording Artist, songwriter, and DJ. Bianca Linta, a Romanian transplant now making waves in New York City can best described as the “Futuristic Jeanne d'Arc” of DJs and EDM vocalists. She attacks the silence of the night like a sainted, but seductive, “holy spear wielding” biblical heroine from an ancient book found in alternate-reality EDM mythos.

Born in Resita, Romania, then moved to New York City at 17 years old and never looked back. She absorbed everything musical once it entered her radar. “I wanted to be part of music, so I trained to be a singer, but I started realizing my love for it was much more; it was the feeling I got that made me jump up—the bass, the rhythms... I wanted to fly and feel love and happiness as it rushed all over me and into in my body… I pictured my music driving people to take action! Inspiring people to take chances! Help them escape fear and be who they are!” Bianca Linta’s passion took over and she began to train at Scratch Academy under DJs like DJ Esquire and the rest is history!

Faced with a harsh world where love seemed to be just an illusion and where compassion seemed something out of a sci-fi movie, Bianca discovered her purpose. Her progressive house performance set, is all about happiness, about Love, and pure inspiration! “Music comforts the soul, and for that to happen it needs to be real, it needs to come from the artist’s soul itself—my life now is about giving fans Every Thing I Have From the Creative part of my Soul.” Ms. Linta has played all over the world, from clubs & festivals in her native Romania, around the world, and back to NYC spots like: The Jane Hotel, Westway, Goldbar, Le Bain, and countless underground warehouses shows. She’s a relentless EDM force—driving & bangin’ beats into your DNA like she invented the genre herself!

“I’m a Love Supremacist!” Linta is on a divine mission to radiate and vibe “Peace” all over the universe. So rally the troops, your new, melodically inspired leader is HERE!... Empowered by the EDM gods themselves—if you want to destroy the “ordinary and evil” of the galaxy, put Bianca behind the One & Two’s… you’ll simply be killin’ them with the harmonious light of Love, Happiness & Inspiration. Join her million fan battalion, vibrating like screaming lasers aimed at every planet to rock the ground fans across time & space are dancing on.