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Hip-hop moves fast these days, and with that, a rapper's fortune can really change in just a week. That's what happened for Michigan rapper Bfb Da Packman. In 2015, he moved to Houston from his hometown of Flint, Mich. after getting off probation for a gun and drug case. Bfb decided to play it straight, getting a job at the United States Postal Service while rapping on the side. He picked up the craft in sixth grade.

After finding his engineer A-Redd and locking in with him in the studio, Bfb Da Packman dropped two projects in 2019, God Blessing All The Fat Niggas and STD. Both efforts feature his dark, self-deprecating sense of humor. On "Northside Ghetto Soulja." a piano-driven track he dropped in May, he brings on the laughs with lines like, "Talked to Drake on the phone, he couldn't sign me/He said I'm too damn fat and too damn childish."

Bfb's entire career trajectory changed in June of this year, when he dropped "Free Joe Exotic," the Tiger King-inspired collaboration with his equally unpredictable statesman, Sada Baby. The song took off nearly immediately, going viral on Twitter and then racking up 15 million YouTube views in 2 months. The track has more than 2 millions streams on Spotify and counting.

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