Benny Black


So you wanna get to know Benny Black? Well best of luck
with that. He isn't exactly forthcoming with personal
tidbits but here's what we know.

Benny (not his legal name) grew up in Los Angeles and was
born on October of 1977. At an early age Benny studied classical piano. This led to his love for synthesized music (80's new wave, freestyle & dance), but that was just the start. As Benny's interest in music began to broaden, his father noticed his dabbling in guitar and soon began his schooling. While the other students were learning the classic rock styles of Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin, Benny convinced his teacher to teach him Grunge & Alternative. Through high school benny studied and splurged on different instruments and genres of music. But music had to wait. Djing came after college while benny was studying to be a physician assistant.

During his internship assisting in surgery he realized how unhappy he was without music. After a few years of working in an O.R. benny decided to quit and take a chance on music. He didn't have much to go on, he didn't have a big name, he wasn't friends with any big name DJs nor did he know many people in Hollywood club circuit. By following his heart and a lot of perseverance Benny arose to every chance he had behind the decks. The one thing he could do well was make people dance and bring energy to a club.

As he made his way to Vegas coworkers would always report seeing him hire bellboys to tote his nine crates of record to his casino gigs. He was always well rounded with records & many genres of music to suit his flawless quick mixing. When you stand and watch him behind the turntables he's constantly doing something, his hands are always moving, he's always manipulating the songs as he plays them, adding to them aggressively or subtle the music is never boring.

The truth about Benny is that he doesn't tell you much
he doesn't seem to like to talk about himself like most Dj's do
and it is actually easier to understand him as a
function of what he is not.

Benny Black does not collect sneakers. He's never had a drug problem.

Benny Black is not a member of a DJ crew. Nor does he have an agent.

Benny Black does not throw or promote his birthday parties at clubs.

Benny Black is not on the guest list nor will he be at the after party.

Benny Black is not your DJ's favorite DJ & does not want to meet your girlfriend.

Benny Black is not an aspiring actor or singer. Nor does he date celebrities.

Simply put, Benny is a Dj who loves music & when he's behind the decks
he takes it very seriously, so don't bother him with your request.


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