Benny B Hip-Hop


​House music and electronic dance have been rapidly growing popular in the United States over the past few years. Now this music and culture isn’t something new to Benny B, he has been living this life since he was 15 years old. He has been going to see international DJs at different venues before it gained widespread notoriety in the states.

Shortly after he realized that house music would became part of his life and his interest in music quickly grew. Things changed for Benny B when he attended a show featuring international superstar DJ Chuckie, and at that very moment he knew he wanted in life, to play music for the people.

The influence from Chuckie and other house music heavyweights pushed Benny B to learn and perfect the craft. He reached out to DJ G-Kidd for guidance and as their relationship grew so did Benny’s skills and love for DJing.

In a short time Benny B has had mashups featured on mainstream radio and has also opened rooms in New York and in New Jersey. He has played at the famous Greenhouse, Kiss & Fly, TenJune, Rosewood, Skyroom, & Highline Ballroom. Benny B is working on his podcast series "Lazers, Beats, & Confetti" that will be releasing in 2014, please stay tuned.


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