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Berlin born DJ, producer and label owner Ben Klock iswithout a doubt one of the most significant characters in techno’s recenthistory. A resident at Berghain since its opening in 2004, he has been able toleave his mark on the club’s unique sound, in turn the special space influencedKlock’s approach as a DJ and producer as well.

Playing techno sets full ofhypnotic, deep and heavy grooves, releasing records on Ostgut Ton and lastbut not least the aesthetics of his own label Klockworks (founded in 2006), haveearned him an excellent international reputation over the last few years. Supportedby stringent and enthralling tracks, remixes for such diverse artists as KerriChandler, Martyn or Depeche Mode, the revered debut album “One” on Ostgut Tonand his Berghain mix, Ben Klock’s name is synonymous with the vitalization ofan essential definition of techno.

His music is free of crippling nostalgia and rather wins you over withconsistency, tension, and dynamics and time and time again with a sensibility,one would usually expect from house music. In this vein, Klock pursues anunexacting fusion of quantum jumps and tradition – including effortlessmelodies or hook lines. Being able to harmonize this method of industrialausterity, natural musicality and an impressive physicality is Ben Klock’sgreat art and skill.

And of course his monthly marathon sets at Berghain that escort all what’sbeing said with pure sound and consistently motivate Ben Klock to skip thetrapdoor called routine.

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