DJ Beej has been blowing minds for nearly 5 years on the mani stage of Club Rubber. Mixing hard progressive house with a relentless style. Beej fills the floor and moves the party people no matter what city Rubber is in and doesn't let the crowd come up for air!

Finally after 5 years, John Huntington and Damian Sanders of Spiritworld Inc., have called upon this fast rising superstar to work his magic for the nation to hear. All the steps have been put in motion, and the Club Rubber mixed CD has finally been mixed by Beej, Rubber's resident bad boy and is now in music stores nationwide.

Along with Club Rubber, Beej also has a residency at the Shark's Club in Costa Mesa and has blown away the masses at Summer of Love & Pimp-n-Ho repeatedly. Beej's hobbies consist of a solid porn collection and coffee enigmas. Look for Beej to join The World Party on their upcoming party adventure to Acapulco, Mexico for Spring Odyssey 2002!


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