Beat Panther


Throughout history, the inevitable fusion of sexuality and music has long been practiced. Today, Beat Panther has turned it into an art form. Using this formula, San Diego’s Beat Panther blends the essence of French Electronic House with Dub Step breaks and sexually charged pop lyrics. The goal is to create a high-energy house music project that is dance-friendly, sexy and with hooks to remember.

Formed in 2011, Beat Panther was created by starving artists Justin Palicki (a.k.a. JP) and JFeather, three years after their ramshackle bands were touring together throughout the Southwestern US. With ghetto-tech savvy and experimental sensibilities, the two would bring their skills to the table to write “Bad Bitch” which would set the precedent for the new project.

In 2012, the duo wrote and recorded their first full length LP titled “Feed.” Teaming up with prolific house & electronic producer Patrick Heaney (Shark Attack, Dijon the Thief), Beat Panther developed a sound that is truly their own. The ten "sidechain" heavy tracks on the album, rock huge beats and weave curious tales of bad girls and long nights. Think: Feed Me meets NIN, if Trent Reznor was a tad bit happier.

“Sharp production and fat-ass beats keep the party rockin’ on nine of the 10 songs here. And it’s hard to fault Justin Palicki and JFeather for closing with a minimalist cover of Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight.’ More than 60 percent of the time, it works every time.” (Scott McDonald, CityBeat Magazine)

“I love what we’re doing, and for us nothing is better than seeing girls get loose on a dance floor to Beat Panther. Our songs draw influence from dancehalls and bedrooms, and our shows are enigmatic and high-energy, with hard-hitting dance cuts for those with a darker side. From beginning to end, the journey takes you to the sexual depths syncing heartbeats to BPMs. But be careful, if you watch too closely, you might just need a cigarette when it’s all said and done.” – JP, Beat Panther.


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