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March 2005. Guitarists Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea start writing music together. Their music is introspective indie-rock, but their sessions always end in “Bark at the Moon” solos.

July 2005. Inspired by their heavy metal heroes, Bennett and Necochea book studio time in Cambridge. They record a song consisting of guitar solos and a single phrase, “Bang Camaro.” Four of their friends show up to record the layers of gang vocals, the experience convinces them to start a hard rock band.

August 2005. “Bang Camaro” is released on and immediately receives Thousands of plays. Bennett and Necochea begin transforming Bang Camaro into a live act.

November 2005. Bang Camaro returns to the studio with a lot more vocalists to begin production on six more songs at Moontower studio in Cambridge, MA. Bassist Dave “Doz” Riley, native New Zealander joins the band.

March 2006. Andrew Dole is brought on board to handle drummer duties and Maclaine Diemer is added to compliment the monstrous sound of the band.

May 2006. Bang Camaro re-enters the studio to write, record, and master a new track, “Rock of Mages,” all in the span of one week for the PC-game Titan Quest to ship worldwide in June 2006.

June 2006. The third new track “Push Push (Lady Lightning)” is released on and quickly racks up 4,000 plays in two weeks. Boston radio stations WFNX, WBCN, and WAAF begin putting it in rotation.

“Mp3 of the decade… like Headbangers Ball meets Polyphonic Spree”
The Boston Phoenix

July 2006. Bang Camaro plays to a sold out crowd at The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. They meet Adam Moyer, director of American Chopper who insists on directing a video for “Push Push (Lady Lightning.)” Six additional singles are released online thru pushing total plays towards the 60,000 mark.

September 2006. Bang Camaro headlines a sold out show at the 600 capacity Middle East Club. The show attracts most major Boston press. They are invited to headline the Boston Music Awards and are also nominated for “Best New Band”, “Best Live Act”, and “Best Song of 2006”. The Boston Globe’s music writer Joan Anderman writes a feature article on the band.

November 2006. Bang Camaro plays 2 sold out CMJ showcases at Crash Mansion in Manhattan and Union Pool in Brooklyn. “Push Push (Lady Lightning)” is featured on the #1 selling Playstation®2 game Guitar Hero II™. They headline the release party for Guitar Hero II™.

December 2006. Bang Camaro’s plays rapidly increases to over 88,000, they headline a sold out New Years Eve show at the Middle East, and the worldwide buzz of Bang Camaro continues.

“Their songs are getting even better and the havoc of their live shows still registers as a seismic shock, just check “Rock of Mages” The Boston Globe

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