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The title “BAD LAD” originated in Trinidad in the late 60’s by Billy Reece who have since passed away. In 1981 Ian Gould and Carl Archer got together and decided to continue the legacy of the Billy Reece and formed DJ BAD LAD based in Toronto. Our primary types of music are: Soca, Calypso, R&B, Latin and Reggae. We have played for a number of social clubs throughout North America, England and Trinidad & Tobago.

Our business model is to play entertaining music and allow a diverse audience to experience the Caribbean musical culture. We plan to do this by delivering Soca Music, Reggae, Pan and R&B using the Caribbean Festive Format, in an atmosphere that is suitable, festive and pleasant.

Having played for promotional events in the original Club Trinidad venue (based in Toronto during the 70's, along with Carnival fetes in Trinidad, New York, Miami, L.A., London (Notting Hill) the Paddington Arts Festival, Salt Lake City and all over Canada BAD LAD became a household name to be shared.

Today, they are recognized as having built strong professional relationships within their community over the decades, having graced the stages of weddings, birthday parties and showcases featuring performing artists/musicians from the Caribbean. BAD LAD MUSIC, a one-stop shop for everyone's musical needs, became the corner-stone of all retailers in Toronto's industry.

Trinbagonian Arts and Culture stays alive in Toronto, given the existence of this dynamic DUO.  Many alumni associations and organizations depend on having DJ BAD LAD as their first-ranked choice to keep the audience dancing every time! Look out for D.J. BAD LAD participation, in this year’s celebration of our 50th National T & T Independence Anniversary!

E-mail:  badladmusic@hotmail.com

The following is a comprehensive list of Social Clubs and Promoters we have played for over the years.


·       The Caribbean Cultural Committee (Toronto)

·       Iere Soccer Club (Toronto)
·       Coffee Boys (Toronto)
·       Carifiesta (Montreal)
·       Wild Water Kingdom (Brampton)
·       Ottawa Carnival

·       Scarborough Caribbean Cultural Club (Scarborough)

·       Western Union (Toronto)
·       Borokeete Canada (Mississauga)
·       Fun Lovers (Toronto)
·       Spektackular Promotions (Toronto)
·       Antilleans Cultural Club (Brampton)
·       B. W. I. A.
·       Prontos Soccer Club (Toronto)
·       Club Trinidad (Toronto)
·       Cutty’s Hideaway (Toronto)
·       365 Yonge – Ian Wiltshire (Toronto)
·       Caribbean Flavour (Toronto)
·       Scotia Bank (Toronto)
·       B. L. E. (Toronto)
·       Tranquil Alumni (Toronto)
·       Tringo sports club
·       Mas Toronto
·       Hamilton Carnival

·       Coffee Boys (Brooklyn, N. Y.)
·       Borokeete (Brooklyn N.Y)
·       Spektackula Promotions
·       Miami carnival (Miami)
·       Atlanta Carnival (Atlanta)

·       Brass Festival (Cliff Harris)
·       Soca Monarch
·        PNM Fete (Roy Maharaj)
·        Manning Fete
·        Coffee Boys International
·       The Original Ranch Fete
·        CIC All Inclusive
·        Mendez Drive (Gerald Yorke)
·        Yorke International All Inclusive
·        South WASA All Inclusive
·        Salibia All Inclusive (Michael Headley)
·       Valsayn All Inclusive (Michael Headley)
·        Air Guard All Inclusive
·        Flour Mills All Inclusive
·        Trincity All Inclusive (Grove Sisters)
·       Midnight Boat Cruise (DJ Darryl)

·        Monday Night Mas – Night Owl (Trevor Wallace)

·        Jouvert – From 2000 – 2011

·        Peter Minshall From 2001 – 2003 (Carnival Monday & Tuesday)

·        Allison Hennersy From 2004 – 2006 (Carnival Monday & Tuesday)

·       Dream Team From 2007 – 2008 (Carnival Monday & Tuesday)

·        Kaotic 2009 (Carnival Monday & Tuesday)

·       Showtime From 2010 – 2012 Carnival Monday & Tuesday)


Nuttinghill Carnival From 2000 – 2006 (Ancil Wong)

I trust that the above information would give you a full and comprehensive understanding of our background as a Disc Jockey.

Should you require any further details, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Ian Gould

E-mail:  badladmusic@hotmail.com
Phone: 416-627-5292

Carl Archer
Phone: 416-804-9028


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