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Rap / Hip-Hop

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Fri Sep 16 · 10 pm
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Alba Farelo (born March 7 1997), better known as Bad Gyal, is a Spanish-born singer, songwriter, disc jockey and producer from Vilassar de Mar, Spain. Her music interpolates various genres in the urbano umbrella genre including dancehall, trap, dance and hip hop. Farelo rose to fame in 2016 after posting a music video of her covering "Work" by Rihanna in the Catalan language. After becoming viral she began a serious musical career as an independent artist and released a mixtape, Slow Wine, later that year. Throughout the years, Bad Gyal has developed a cult following especially after releasing her most iconic single to date "Fiebre", who has been described by the youngsters as the "soon-to-be modern hymn of Spain". She signed a record deal with Interscope in 2019.

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