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When New York DJ duo Astro&Glyde mixed live on John Digweed’s London radio show last year, it was a coming out, a sign of energy in a flailing super-club scene, and a declaration of a new sound. To this day, fans still trade bootleg recordings of the session, the internet buzzes with the track list, and websites recall Digweed’s introduction, which hail the pairs’ style as “the sleazy sound of New York City”.

Throughout Astro&Glyde’s career as DJ’s and party-starters, they’ve performed in just about every possible venue known to man that could host a crowd, set of turntables, mixer and pumping sound system. No matter what the setting, from parades in Mexico to intimate lounges to “ginormous” pulsating nightclubs around the world, Astro&Glyde have consistently done what they do best: move bodies and stimulate minds with pumping, eclectic, intuitive, electronic sets of solid cutting edge dance music.

Like dandelions in the sidewalk, these two regular guys have sprouted from the ashes of the New York Club scene to earn their rightful reputation as NYC’s Home Town Hero’s. For James and Gaby each live set is a chance to open up new ears to the DJ culture they’ve been so heavily involved in for the last 10 years.

Through their legendary weekly “Le Souk Sunday Sessions”, now in its 5th year, and recent Crobar residency, Astro&Glyde have become leader’s in America's electronic music movement and are ambassadors to all things dirty, funky and exciting in NYC. Le Souk Sunday Sessions has become a New York dance music institution, a sanctum of holy day insanity, a testament to the adage “if you build it they will come”. Experiencing their awe-inspired and interactive sets, regarded legendary by many, is what makes the Astro&Glyde experience different than that found with the garden variety DJ. Incorporating the spiciest elements of house, electro, chunk, punk and rock blended with wild mixing abilities gives these DJ’s the distinction of all-around artists, entertainers, and performers. No strangers to travel, James and Gaby have dazzled thousands in many different lands ranging from Spain to Argentina to Holland to Mexico, as well as Coast to Coast at some of the best clubs in the US. Astro&Glyde refuse to compromise their musical principles and exude the authenticity of two people who are truly involved in a rhythmical love affair with music. Astro&Glyde's knowledge of artists and record labels is surpassed only by their natural drive to spread the joy music has brought them. Always learning and always improving, the future for Astro&Glyde is guided by an awesome natural intensity, an astonishing musical dedication and a drive to change the world, one dance floor at a time.

Seven years down the line, Astro&Glyde’s contribution to underground dance music has been second to none. Their productions have gained a reputation for diversity, slick production and dance-floor dynamics. Astro&Glyde’s discography covers a multitude of well-respected labels including Bedrock, Effin, Polaroid, Automatic, Inevitable, as well as their own online imprint ‘Water Based Music’. Astro&Glyde’s releases have found their way onto many compilation CD’s including CD’s by Ashley Caselle, Macumba Space of Sound, and Red Ant’s “Thrill Kill Cult Remix” compilation. As well as their own CD releases on System Recording’s “Dirty Dirty House, Volume 2” and Le Souk’s Sunday Sessions double CD release.

The next 12 months are set to be Astro&Glyde’s busiest to date, with a mix CD of key productions in the works and debuting an original 4-track EP with their online label “Water Based Music”; new singles and remixes to be released imminently on Pink Mammoth, Music For Vinyl, and Dusk Recordings; tours of Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America; and the highly anticipated Astro&Glyde album.

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