Apache Stone


Michael Lombardi, who stars in the hit TV show “Rescue Me,” is the founder and lead singer of Apache Stone. Although Michael has been drumming in bands from an early age, he always possessed the drive to be a frontman, tirelessly searching over many years for the right group of guys to back him. By assembling the group’s current lineup: Hank Woods (guitar), David Leatherwood (bass), Mark Greenberg (drums) and Nick Bacon (guitar) - he finally achieved his goal. The talent, experience and dedication these musicians collectively share, combined with a mutual love for rock and roll, guarantees that Apache Stone is destined for a prolonged, productive and successful career. For the past year the NYC based Apache Stone has been performing throughout the Northeast to packed houses, receiving rave reviews. The band recently completed recording for their debut album, due to be released in April 2009. Coinciding with the anticipated record release, Apache Stone will be featured in numerous upcoming episodes of Rescue Me, when season five of the critically acclaimed FX network series resumes this Spring.


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