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Anyi Malik


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Anyi Malik is a hilarious comedian from Oakland, Ca now living in Los Angeles. He once made the driver of a car he was riding in laugh so hard he collided with another vehicle. This was when he decided to pursue stand up comedy. Armed with his unique perspective and conversational style, Anyi is doing battle and stages all over the US West Coast and across the nation.. and he’s killing! From club stages with hundreds in attendance and to dive bars with with only a couple people, Anyi makes people enjoy the space they are in. His comedy is less of an act and more of a perspective. His stand up feels like a good conversation with a friend who talks about the same stuff all the time, but every once and a while says something new that he says all the time. He doesn’t tell you joke so much so much as he jokes with you. You can catch his live comedy release “Lamb Choppin” on iTunes, Amazon and wherever digital music is sold!


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