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Who isANTONIO PIACQUADIO? He’s been called many names: an artist. A party mastermind.A workaholic. One thing is for certain: ANTONIO PIACQUADIO is a visionary. Thehistory of this native New Yorker is deeply rooted in his passion for andsuccess in pleasing large gatherings of people, and as a DJ/producer,PIACQUADIO has come to be known as much for his filthy, tech-house DJ sets ashis generous hospitality.

PIACQUADIO was born and raised in New York, where he’s lived his whole life.The eldest of two sons, PIACQUADIO was raised by an airline mechanic father anda hairdresser mother from Colle Sannita, a tiny, old-world village in theprovince of Benevento Campania, Italy. As a youth growing-up in and around thegritty streets of New York, the young PIACQUADIO was a precocious child andheadstrong, refusing to follow the herd. His earliest memories were shaded bymusic – in particular, the early hip-hop and freestyle of New York, as well asmusic from the late Michael Jackson – and he always knew that music would playan integral part in his life.

At age 14, PIACQUADIO played his first gig as a professional DJ (after buyinghis first DJ mixer earlier that year), at Act III in the Bronx, which was oneof the hottest clubs of that era. PIACQUADIO, influenced by none other than thelegendary Todd Terry, brought the owner a two-hour house music mixtape, but hereturned that same day with a two-hour “freestyle” mixtape after the owner toldhim that he did not like house music. He was so impressed that he hiredPIACQUADIO on the spot. The rest is history! Soon it became evident that acareer as an entertainer lay ahead for the aspiring DJ, and under the tutelageand guidance of industry stalwart, Joseph Lodi, PIACQUADIO learned the ropes.

In the arduous, drama-filled and often times, risky, two-decades that ensuedsince that first gig, PIACQUADIO cut his teeth working as a resident DJ and/orpromotions director/manager for New York’s most storied clubs. The venuesincluded: Sound Factory, the Palladium, Tunnel, Limelight, Roxy, Exit andMirage, amongst others. In much later years, PIACQUADIO would also touch thedecks several times at NYC’s Pacha and Mansion superclubs. PIACQUADIO’s love ofpleasing packed dancefloors translated intuitively into his fruitful trackrecord as a DJ/promoter, and some of the most memorial parties atindoor/outdoor venues include boat cruises around Manhattan, and even a 36-hour,nonstop DJ stint at a small club during a snow storm in New York thatknocked-out power lines and paralyzed roads for days. The latter party,promoted at the last-minute, became jam-packed and was attended by 700enthusiastic music lovers. Magic was in the air that night, fueled by greathouse music, and PIACQUADIO could not tear himself away from the DJ booth. Thelargest gig he has played to date took place in Calabria, Italy, in 2008; theevent was titled, “The Different Circus Party” and was located on a beachfrontsite with more than 10,000 techno-lovers going bananas.

After years of deejaying, PIACQUADIO was finally able to afford his own, fullstudio setup in 1992. His initial production rig consisted of: an AkaiMPC-3000, a Korg 909, an eight-channel Yamaha mixing board, and an assortmentof effects processors.

Completely self-taught in the studio, PIACQUADIO learned the basics ofproduction and engineering by doing everything himself. To this day, heprograms all of his own drums, plays all of the keyboards, and writes all ofhis own music for his productions. PIACQUADIO has been producing filthy housemusic and techno for as long as he can remember. For two decades, he has beenhoning his craft. Always the perfectionist, PIACQUADIO has released music underdifferent aliases in the past, but now he feels the time has come to releasemusic under his real name.

The DJs who inspired PIACQUADIO were the greats, including: Danny Tenaglia,Todd Terry, and Richie Hawtin. However, the DJ who has perhaps had the greatestcontinuing influence on PIACQUADIO is Carl Cox, the tireless jock beloved forgiving every last ounce of his physical, mental and emotional energy during aperformance.

From 1996 to 2010, PIACQUADIO was not only tearing up the decks at NYC’s bestparties and venues, he was also getting booked for nationwide parties includingseveral sets at WMC (Winter Music Conference) in Miami over the years. He alsowas booked for several international gigs. He has been flown to clubs andfestivals in Mexico (at La Boom and the BPM Music Festival); Amsterdam; thePhilippines; Italy; and the clubbing capitol of the world, Ibiza (at Amnesia).It was only a matter of time until the owner of the legendary club, Sankeys inManchester, UK, came calling. In 2010, Sankeys Manchester was voted by morethan 80,000 readers of DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 Clubs” poll as the #1 “best club”in the world on the heels of two decades as a venue where the music, DJs andpatrons are of the utmost importance. When it came time for Sankeys Manchesterowner, David Vincent, to expand his empire to other key cities around theworld, PIACQUADIO was the first and only phone call for the New York outpost.After a brief visit to NYC and observing PIACQUADIO complete a track in thestudio in under three hours, Vincent offered PIACQUADIO a residency at Sankeys.Just like the club owners in NYC, Vincent recognized the talent in PIACQUADIOand has set out to further develop him as a Sankeys resident and artist. Thehugely anticipated Sankeys NYC nightclub is slated to open in 2011 and it’s asthough the media and nightlife blogosphere have been lit on fire.

PIACQUADIO never rests. With a trans-Atlantic DJ residency at SankeysManchester, plus a three-disc studio album coming up, not to mention theall-encompassing task that is opening and operating the new Sankeys NYClocation, rest is not an option. This world-class workaholic has much to offerthe techno and tech-house enthusiast, and as always, PIACQUADIO gives himself100% to the music!


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