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Antiserum's Bay Area roots in bass emerged through the fog in 2008 with one of the top 10 best-selling dubstep tracks of the year. He launched his first tour in 2009 through New Zealand and Australia, and in 2011 he joined Excision and Downlink on the largest dubstep production to hit the states - the US Subsonic Tour. Accompanied on tour by the debut of his Rottun Recordings release 'The Swarm EP' and backed by 75,000 watts of PK Sound (that rocked 30 shows in 5-weeks), Antiserum topped online charts and immediately landed worldwide rotation. His most recent release on Caspa's Dub Police label [UK] dropped on April of this year and features fresh collaborations with Los Angeles all-star 12th Planet & the multifacited Ill-esha.

Widely known for his innovative and meticulously crafted sounds, rich euphoric beats and vast futuristic soundscapes, Antiserum’s style of West Coast bass music truly resides in a class of its own. His production often steeps in hip hop, reggae, and heavy metal, featuring cinematic vibes which balance between both dark and light environments. Established by a tectonic bassline of 140bpm, his live performances deliver solid energy and loads of original and unreleased material straight from some of the most ambitious producers in international bass music.

Antiserum has dropped over a dozen vinyl releases and numerous digitals on Argon, Dub Police, Hollow Point, Rottun, Scum, True Score Theory, True Tiger, War and more. He has collaborated with 12th Planet, Eskmo, Truth [New Zealand], Ill-esha, Noah D, SPL, Babylon System (No Thing & Roommate), DJG, and San Francisco's instrumental electronic duo, The Spit Brothers (Bakir & Dubsworth).

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