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Anna Marie Cecilia, the outgoing rebel, is a 21-year-old DJ, event coordinator, and artistic

phenomenon from New York City who has worked her way from nothing to something. Early in life,

she was enrolled in The Queen of Peace Catholic School, located in North Arlington, NJ. After being

expelled in her sophomore year, she attended public school. She was a good student, but was

continuously bullied throughout her teen years. This gave birth to her demons. Despite being under

immense pressure from all angles, she was still able to maintain straight A's, but dropped out her senior

year, never to return to another educational institution.

Struggling since she was young, she never got along with her family. Her father was always on the

road, and she was abandoned by her mother when she was only months old. Since Anna's father was a

truck driver, he put her in the care of his sister, but Anna's aunt did not have her best interests in mind.

When Anna's grandfather died, her aunt forged his will and took over one million dollars intended for

Anna, and then kicked her out. Anna has been on the street, couch-hopping and hustling since 2011.

Music has always been Anna's passion. Rock bands like AFI, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson and

Rammstein would fuel that passion. In the year 2011, now 18, Anna went to her first NYC night club

and was employed as a go-go dancer. At that club, she met New York City's number one DJ, Jess

Marquis. While dancing, she had become Jess' assistant for NYC's longest running weekly party,

'Trash'. This infamous, cooky and sexy Club-Kid event was held every Friday in The Studio of Webster

Hall. As his assistant, she learned the mechanics of booking events, and spent countless hours looking

over the shoulder of Jess as he DJ'ed. Now inspired to DJ, she soon created her first mashup, “Fat

Reptile” (Sum 41 vs. Skrillex). After only four months of practice under Jess and spinning some local

shows, Jess gave Anna her first shot as a DJ at Webster Hall in December of 2012. It was a huge

success, and in May of 2013, she was ordained as a Resident DJ of the 'Trash' party. In the following

months, Anna would go on to release three more original songs, as well as establish several of her own

weekly on-going events in the Big Apple.

In addition to Webster Hall, Anna has played various venues such as Pacha, Highline Ballroom, Bar 13,

the Grace Hotel, a private New Years Eve event located in the heart of Times Square, and maintained a

monthly residency at R Bar for the 'SFX Party'. Anna has shared the bill with various DJ's such as

Monikkr, R13ZA, Gosteffects, Fat & EZ, and has closed for Otto Knows in the Grand Ballroom of

Webster Hall. The teaser for her first original dub-step track "Inflated Voodoo" can be found on

Soundcloud. She is currently involved in several collaborations, and is open to working with other

established producers. Anna (a.k.a. Annakickarse) is now a nightlife sensation, an extremely talented

DJ, actress, dancer, event coordinator & so much more...She's not the girl everyone picks on anymore.