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Anji Stone


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Everyone talks about how they have a "passion" for deejaying. Well, I say that it's the "PASSION" that drives me 2 play the way that I play. I was told that DJs are "performers," we are hired to "perform."
When people come out 2 hear you play, they wanna hear music that isn't "NORMALLY" heard..

They want 2 dance the night away..That's how I play..I play not just 2 "tell" a story, but 2 keep you dancing till it's time 2 go!!..They call me "Bang Em Up," and 2 be honest, I didn't understand the name until I realized, that what I do...I "BANG!"

I go "hard" and I feel that's what deejaying is...You go hard, each and every time you play you are "supposed" 2 go HARD!!..That's what draws people to you..That's what makes and keeps the crowd moving..I've been spinning a looooonnnng time, and I have seen djs come and goI've seen djs make it big, and I've seen djs "full" of themselves..But, if you stay "TRUE" 2 your passion, and "expand" on that passionThere IS no limit as to what you can do or become...but don't let a little "exposure" change your disposition about the people that come 2 hear you play...

I "continue" to grow as a DJ, and I'm venturing off into PRODUCTION as well. My goals are to bring you, "HOT, UP & COMING" DJs, Producers, Musicians, etc.

I'm striving to go ABOVE the norm. I am "HUMBLED" in everything I do. I have a "GENUINE" passion 4 HOUSE MUZIK...and I hope that each and every one of you that takes the time out to "listen" to my music, mixes, as well as the people that I present to you.