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Fri Nov 19 · 5 pm
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Sat Nov 20 · 5 pm
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Patrick Chen (formerly known as PTX) has decided to reinvent himself as ‘ANIMATO’, mainly since all his latest work has moved within the realms of Progressive-Psy Trance. The new project ‘ANIMATO’ was the natural step, as with all the years of traveling the globe to countless festivals, he was given firsthand experience and knowledge on the worldwide scene. This surely was one of the contributing factors that made him decide to start lowering his tempo as well as the focus to start adding that punchier and smoother element to his music. His work was immediately noticed by HOMmega and he was asked to join their impressive family of talented artists. The first 'ANIMATO' track was released in late 2012. It was a remix for Sub6’s “Droid save da queen” and since then the road was paved with high quality releases such as remixes for Tokujoros, Easy Riders and Vertical Mode and collaborations with Atmos and Easy Riders.

Animato is currently working on his debut album to be released beginning of of 2017 and an early bird release from it called “Tuvan” as well as collaboration with Ticon “Last Resort" was release on Hommega.

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