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From his beginnings as a DJ in 1991, Angel Molina has played an essential role in the development of electronic music in Spain, thanks to its prodigious technique, unanimously acclaimed by critics and audiences , and exquisite taste that has led him to be regarded as one of the finest techno selectors in Europe. Not surprisingly, it is one of the favorite DJs Laurent Garnier and is claimed over and over again in the clubs and most prestigious festivals in Spain, France, Germany and South America for three reasons: his uncompromising showmanship to the gallery, its versatility to prick the most diverse styles (minimal techno to deep house, through a whole bunch of subgenres several) and sensitivity, and highly personal one that transcends the musical experience itself.

After the hype that led the tour Levi 's Engineered Tour who captained by Oscar Mulero, Angel endorsed in 2001 each and every one of his musical obsessions in Wax Sessions #1, the fourth installment of the Board to , by his own admission, " was designed to be able to hear at home, and not just for the dance floor." A session tremendously thoroughly original touches the boundary between the audible and the dance , and was structured as a whole development with outstanding attention to detail. In its technical prowess , Angel brings here a handful of references in equally glowing electronic music teachers nationally and internationally as Leandro Fresco, Terrence Dixon , Agent Cooper, Tube Jerk, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Dietrich Schoenemann and Jochem Paap , among many others. A gift to the delight of his fans do not scrimp and constructive elements , far from any stereotype melomanía realizes his mark of quality and printing of all business. The release of Wax Sessions #1 was accompanied by a world tour that took him so far inhospitable continents to Spanish DJs such as South America or Asia. Till late 2003 appeared Wax Sessions #2, a second part with two distinct sections: the first part from the lounge deferrable Holden, Jeff Mills, Matthew Dear - that leads to a final fireworks according to their live sessions  Chris Liebing, DK-. Thus 2004 becomes the year of their second world tour. And as no two without three , in 2006 is the third installment which is also published by Sonarmusic simultaneously in Spain and Japan. This time the Catalan ignores the session to use for picking a sound puzzle in offering his current techno version from pieces of tracks from people like Brian Aneurysm, Jens Zimmermann, Jack Kilby, Marc Houle or the new value Mr. Click. In recent times, Angel Molina is considering making the final leap to production. His was the ninth reference Atlas where As a Knife signs that fascinated lovers of strong emotions. Anyway, his desire to create something new were partially satiated his most experimental, Past Professional (2003) in which the entire mixture Argentinean label catalog Fragile . Abstract Minimal no longer listening on the Barcelona enshrines three issues at the same track creating high voltage atmospheres brain . Besides these crafts Molina has a bunch of remixes for people like Central or Subterfuge .


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