Andy Roberts


Andy Roberts has been a member of Canada’s House Music movement for more than 20 years, a fixture, whether upfront or behind the scenes since the age of 17. From his beginnings as a regular guest [alongside Nick Holder] on Mitch Winthrop’s Legendary Radio show “Rhythm Method” in 1990, to present, Andy has been at the forefront of Canada's talented DJ pool, and is recognized as one of Canada’s top DJ’s.

As a DJ, Andy has played in Canada’s top venues and events for house music, holding his own alongside some of house music’s most revered talents, jumping off from the aforementioned “Rhythm Method” Radio Show in 1990, Andy went on to play in Toronto’s clandestine warehouse scene [illegal late night events] for the first part of the 90’s, alongside Mitch Winthrop and Dave Campbell, Dino and Terry, at such legendary addresses as the Actors Lab, 1087 Queen, The Concert Hall and 180 Spadina.

The next step for Andy involved Toronto’s rave scene, helping to introduce the Rave community to the deeper side of house music playing consistently every weekend, sometime 2-3 events a night, and was a fixture in the front room at Toronto’s legendary 23 Hop venue. The mid- late 90’s saw Andy’s natural evolution into the nightclubs, venues and events of note including Buzz, Industry, Mad Bar, Element, at one point in Toronto alone, playing 5 venues a week, including his legendary “Hard and Soul” stint at the now defunct Living Room, where Andy held court every Sunday for 4 years, alongside top tier Canadian and International Guests, whilst also expanded his reach to venues and events across Canada and the Northern States.

It was also during this time that Andy got into production. Releasing his first project on Richie Hawtin’s and John Aquaviva’s Definitive Records Imprint, following up with numerous productions and remixes for Kult Records [of note: Big Daddy Vibes and Sunny Muzik], Crash Records/Vinyl Peace [of note: Mixed Signals EP/Blackbelt Roberts EP], and Stickmen/Aquarius Records [Mr. Roberts Neighbourhood EP]. Other endeavors during this era included a 3 year stint as a record reviewer for the National Music Magazine, Peace Magazine , and as DJ and co-host of the “Vinyl Frontiers” Radio Show for Iceberg Radio’s internet start-up

In 2004, with the inception of Mixed Signals Music, whose moniker was inspired by the aforementioned Mixed Signals Ep on Crash Records, Andy began to brand the label with a series of events harkening back to his
days in Toronto’s warehouse scene, hosting late night events in a run down Victorian house which was the now infamous 65 Elm. From there, the events kept getting bigger and bigger. Regularly filling Toronto’s staple House Music venue Revival, and then expanding to the venerable Mod Club. During this time Andy’s record label Mixed Signals Music focused on the event promotion side of the business, hosting the world’s top DJ’s and producers, with its Deep End, and long weekend (Bank Holiday) events. With the objective of making Mixed Signals Music a top tier record label, Andy has focused more the quality of music on the label, enlisting the help of long-time acquaintances, respected peers, and talented newcomers to help shape the sound of Mixed Signals Music.


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