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Andy Moor will need no introduction to the majority of readers, currently sitting at number 30 in the world dj poll, producer and remixer to the stars and a member of numerous acts including Leama & Moor, Tilt and Whiteroom to name a few.

A mixture of hard work, determination and raw talent has catapulted Andy to the status as one of the most definitive and influential artists in the dance music scene today, although to pigeonhole Andy to one genre of music would be a crime in itself.

Andy Moor is a born musician, and as with any truly world class musician they can turn their hand to produce the epitome of amazing in any musical genre they so desire. From learning his first piano piece at the age of five to mastering six musical instruments by the age of eleven, to spinning his first record at the age of thirteen onto rocking the worlds leading festivals in front of tens of thousands of people by the age of twenty one.

The impressive list of artists to receive the Andy Moor remix touch include Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Paul Oakenfold, Brian Eno, Tiesto and Arthur Baker to name but a few and as his tracks add colour to club charts across the world. Recent times have seen Andy accumulate an impressive accolade of awards and an ever growing global fan base.

Based in the UK and still only at the age of 26 he has an enviable Discography. He is a third of the legendary Tilt and last year saw the release of their debut album explorer. This year will see the eagerly anticipated Leama & Moor album which includes a variety of msucial styles showing how versatile Andy is as a producer. Other collaborations include being half of 2004 trance act of the year Whiteroom, 2005 was the year of the infamous collaboration with Above and Beyond to produce one of the years biggest tracks Air for Life (which went on to win the 'Best Trance Track' at the 2006 'Trance Awards') and was also the year of the massive solo production Halcyon along with a string of high profile remixes.

As a DJ Andy provides the weekend soundtrack to many of the worlds most prolific parties and festivals taking his own version of modern day dance music and pushing boundaries with his flawless technical ability and dedicated ear for uncompromising musical set structure. Fans love him for the way he remixes other peoples tracks just for his sets to keep it fresh and unique, realising the need to make every performance that bit extra special. Its not surprising that whilst fresh international demand surpasses the logistical ability of one man, it is the demand for more Moor from the promoters and clubbers whose booths Andy has already graced that cause such a hectic DJ schedule.

Whether youve bought the records or the albums, seen the live act or DJ performances or purely heard the name on the grapevine you can be sure youre going to see much more of Andy Moor.

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