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Andrew Jones hails from Boulder, Colorado, a place where your eyes are always drawn towards the towering mountains and their majesty. Like slumbering gods they keep watching over the busy souls in the valley. Andrew was one of them. Early on these mountains inspired him to create great things that would extrude the same majesty as the mountains of Boulder did.

Jones is not a young boy anymore. His travels took him all over the old world where he soaked up as much artistic knowledge as his mind could handle. Being a child of the digital age he belongs to the first generation of people who are not victims of coincidence or happenstance anymore. Through the powerful tool that is the internet he was able to track the teachers he wanted to learn from, the artists he wanted to create with and the inspiration he needed to unfold a Pandora’s box of creativity and unleash it into the world of art.

No matter if charcoal pencil, oils or digital art, his medium is always clear; it is called soul. In search for the meaning of this powerful word, his art has ventured through much iteration: from 1000 self-portraits that he accomplished in an unbelievable feat of three years, to complete abstraction, his search has not yet ended. More so, the more answers he finds the more questions arise, spiraling his art into new heights. His exploration and experiments can be easily witnessed in the mesmerizing textures, themes, topics and overall execution of his work. Nothing ever seems to satisfy his hunger for answers.