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André was born in Frankfurt in 1973. At the age of 14, heworked in a Club behind the bar as one of the DJs falls ill and André gets thechance to fill in behind the decks, an experience that was to change the courseof his life...

In the beginning of the nineties he has become a regular in a variety of clubs.

In 1994 he started to work for the renowned record distributor Neuton, where hemeets Paul Brtschitsch. In1995, André and Paul found the label TAKSI. Shortly after receiving a residencyin Berlins famous TRESOR in 1996, André moved to the German capital.
By now, he has become quite famous for his intoxicating 10 hour sets; he playsall around the globe and has another residency in Berlin´s BERGHAIN /PANORAMABAR. However arduous his working schedule may be, there is still timefor creativity.

In 2011 André and Dana Ruh found the Label ARAS, not only to release their ownmusical vibes, but to give way to unheard-of talents and productions. ARAStakes its name from the brilliantly colored macaw parrot, and as a virtualproof stands for a multichromatic style that the label uses for its creativeoutput.

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