Aline Barros


Aline Barros tem sido, durante anos, uma importante referência na música gospel. Dotada de talento e carisma natos, que na verdade são a prova da unção de Deus em sua vida, e de uma produção que prima pela excelência, Aline tem conseguido que seu trabalho ministerial alcance resultados inéditos no segmento gospel por todo o mundo.


Aline Barros has been for years, an important reference in gospel music. Endowed with innate talent and charisma, which are actually the proof of God's anointing in your life, and a production that strives for excellence, Aline has managed to reach his ministerial work unpublished results gospel segment in Brazil so far. His ministry as Levite has been characterized by a pioneering spirit in the secular media. Aline Barros was invited to participate in important television programs (Xuxa, Raul Gil, Eliana, Carla Perez, Super Pop, Hebe Camargo, Gilberto Barros, among others), as well as interviews from reputable newspapers, major magazines and also asked for Events and Show Hope Kid's Upset, Rede Globo. His ministry has extended throughout Central and North America, with awards and recognition.

Aline is Rio, born in 1976, holds a degree in Marine Biology from UFRJ, is married to Christ athlete and entrepreneur, Pr Gilmar Santos, and mother of Nicholas and Mary Catherine. His father, Pastor Ronaldo Barros is a musician of his band, pastor and businessman. It is he who is ahead of AB Records, which invests in new talent in gospel music. His mother, Pra. Sandra Barros and his brother, Rafael Barros (professional photographer), are also always on the side of Aline and the part of the board of AB Records.


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