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It has been said that “miracles happen”

Nothing rings more true when speaking of the recent endeavours of globally renowned DJ and Producer Alex Gold.

Following an accident in 2003 that injured his spinal chord, Alex spent the next 18 months in rehabilitation. At the time of the accident, Alex was in the dance music limelight. An accomplished entrepreneur and DJ, he was running the successful Xtravaganza label and held dj residencies at globally renowned clubs such as Privilege in Ibiza (the world's largest night club) and Space in Miami.

Following the accident, Alex was forced to give up his hectic life. During his recovery, he channelled all of his emotions, both positive and negative, into his first passion producing his studio artist album, "Back From A Break" which was released in summer 2005.

Deviating subtly from his progressive roots, the album embraces all genres of electronic music, resulting in a breathtaking mosaic of sounds. Tracks like 'Flying', a downtempo delicacy with atmospheric inflections and a bottomless bass line moves below emotive, stirring vocals. 'I didn't want to record just an album,' said Alex. ‘I wanted to make an album that’s appreciated by a wider audience that comes from all genres for all cultures. It's really diverse—you can hear influences from so many artists from Deep Dish to the Stone Roses.'

In 2006 Alex has been dubed “come back kid” by the British and Spanish media after his monumental return to the world’s biggest club Privilege in Ibiza. Alex’s infomas Xtravaganza night was re introduced as one of the massive success stories of the Ibiza summer 2006. In high season a massive 3500 crowd of Europe’s elite clubbing Glitterati attended privilege on Thursdays to witness Alex’s exclusive electro extended sunrise sets.

With a debut artist album, a re introduction of his Ibiza residency and selected International appearances, Alex is back in full force. Last summer saw Alex perform at the world famous open-air theatre at Red Rocks Denver, Colorado for the Global Dance Festival. Such a venue normally associated with major concerts with bands such as U2. Alex was also honoured to be asked to appear at the Grammy Awards "Best Electronic Album" event, at CroBar in New York where he performed along side electronic music legends Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, David Morales, Ken Jordon (Crystal Method) and DJ Rap.

Alex is once again producing hits for his Xtravaganza label which recently held top positions in the UK club charts with French Producer artist Philippe B’s .. Ibiza Mi Amor.

But perhaps the most significant mark of Alex's return was his remix of Annie Lennox's 'Into the West,' her Oscar and Grammy Award-winning song from 'The Lord of the Rings ­ The Return of the King.' Driven by a deep, moving break beat, the 'Into the West' remix has Lennox's mesmerising, ethereal voice hovering above intense, dynamic layers of symphonic sounds.

Alex is already generating widespread praise from critics. Billboard Magazine's Michael Paoletta who described Gold's remix of 'Into the West' asoverflowing with haunting synth patterns, hip-hop shaded beats, cinematic strings and Lennox's unmistakable voice. Gold's epic remix sits somewhere between the music of U2 and Massive Attack. Though 2004 is still young, consider this one of the year's best remixes.'...Michael Paoletta 2005

With a flourishing label, a critically acclaimed remix and a re established residency at the worlds largest night club , there’s no doubt ­ the dance music world is experiencing the monumental return of Alex Gold.

Prior to 2002, thousands of Alex’s fans had the pleasure of witnessing his ingenuity and skill on the decks in more than 20 countries, including Australia, Japan, South Africa, the Philippines and Russia and the United States. But it was the United States that embraced Alex’s unique brand of music the most. His

legendary sets invoked ecstatic reactions from crowds in the most celebrated clubs in the country, including Exit NYC, Giant LA, Buzz and Glow DC, Spundae San Francisco and Avalon Boston. For two years, Alex held a bi-monthly residency at the Dancestar Award-winning Club Space in Miami, playing to a sold-out venue each night.

From 1998 to 2002, (and now back in 2006) Alex held a Friday night residence at the world's largest and most respected clubs, Privilege in Ibiza. It was there that he held his own Xtravaganza night. Crowds packed the club’s three dance floors to witness Alex’s famous six-hour sunrise sets, as he drove the fans into rhapsodic frenzies by carrying them through an eclectic journey of pounding progressive house and intense linear electro. His Xtravaganza sets at Privilege truly captured and once again this year on his return have caught the cosmopolitan spirit of Ibiza where jet setters and models mingle with tourists and clubbers and hedonism and diversions abound. It has been said that these experiences at Privilege have proved to be one of the most valuable catalysts in launching Alex Gold’s enviable career.

Before his residency at Privilege, Alex displayed an early knack for spotting talent, which played a major role in his success and led to his involvement with top-selling artists such including Princes' New Power Generation's (NPG) by collaborating on 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World,' which held a number one chart spot in 1994. This led to Alex’s co-production of NPG’s following hit, 'The Good Life.' Alex also collaborated with hip-hop legend, Public Enemy' Chuck D by working on Public Domain's high-selling hit single, 'Operation Blade.' Successful hits like these enhanced Alex’s record sales to the five million mark.

After his rendezvous with New Power Generation, Alex became one of the most successful entrepreneurs and producers in the dance music industry. Having founded leading UK dance label Xtravaganza, Alex has been responsible for, and involved in, more than 55 UK top 40 chart hits as well as enjoying tremendous success in the overseas markets.

Founded in 1996, the Xtravaganza label saw early success with the release of Chicane's critically-acclaimed 'Offshore,' which reached number 12 in the UK Top 40 and went on to be a global hit.

Alex is credited with spotting and developing progressive act Chicane, who then went on to have Xtravaganza's number one hit with Bryan Adams, 'Don't Give Up.' A track later remixed by Gold him self in 2004. Xtravaganza’s success continued to accelerate through the mid- to late-90s through hits such as 'Give Me Rhythm' from Black Connection, which topped the US Billboard Dance Chart in 1998, and releases from artists like Agnelli and Nelson. As well as selling millions of records, Xtravaganza experienced even more success with advert soundtracks, including an Irish tourism T.V. commercial that used Chicane's 'Saltwater,' featuring Clannad’s lead vocalist, Marie Brennan. The ad was so popular; it was seen on numerous channels in Europe, Australia and the States.

Alex’s career gained even more momentum in 2002, when he released an outstanding mix of Agnelli & Nelson's Ibiza classic 'Everyday,' which received considerable honours, including a number two position in Music Week's 2002 'Best Of' club chart and simultaneously topped three number one UK chart positions in RM, Music Week and Mixmag.

2002 also brought the achievement of Alex's single ‘L.A.Today’; this featured the vocals of one of the world's most influential electronic artists, Human Leagues Phil Oakey. The collaboration between one of the greatest innovators in dance music, combined with one of the most distinctive voices in groundbreaking 80s Electronica, produced an effortlessly uplifting and dynamic track. ‘L.A. Today’s’ vocals were heavily inspired by Alex’s relentless touring of the states, particularly his sold-out shows in the City of Angels.

Alex Gold has managed to achieve worldwide fame and respect as one of the most exciting and innovative DJ'S and producers. The future looks bright for Alex Gold - 2007 and beyond will hold an infinite amount of possibilities for Alex, including global tours and additional productions and collaborations, and perhaps most importantly the the re establishment of Alex’s weekly summer residence at the worlds largest night club.

With an impressive resume under his belt, and a once again flourishing label, a critically acclaimed remix a well received debut album, and a return to the worlds largest night club …there’s no doubt ­ the dance music world is experiencing the monumental comeback of Alex Gold.


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