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Aiden Jude is a DJ and a Producer based in New York City. Under the direction of DMC Champion DJ Esquire and New York's best MING, Aiden very quickly is rising to the spotlight.

His spinning aside, this DJ can rock a crowd. He first broke in the scene at a very young age and is already edging his way to the forefront of the next generation of electronic music producers and DJs. He is one of the most anticipated performing acts of the year in the world of Electronic Dance Music.

Although his sound is frequently associated with Electro House and Progressive inspired, he is very versatile and you will find him spin everything from Tech House to Trap, depending on the occasion or state of mind.

Described by Christian B a radio personality in one word - Charisma. Aiden Jude's music is charting around the world and  featured on radio stations and DJ sets globally.

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