Add2Basket (Hungary)

It’s been a remarkable rise to prominencefor András (Andrew) Genser or Add2Basket as he’s more commonly known. From thefirst release on Add2Basket Records, to original and remix production on othermajor labels, and DJ gigs worldwide; Andrew’s career certainly has been awhirlwind.

Not content with simply following the pathof a successful DJ / producer, Andrew established his digital label in May2006. Add2Basket Records is on the forefront of underground house, releasingfresh and funky tracks from some of the most prominent producers on the planet.With 59 releases featuring the likes of 16 Bit Lolitas, Motorcitysoul, Kolombo,and Interplay, Add2Basket Records is a staple on A-List track lists worldwide.

Andrew’s personal productions have alsofound the favour of EDM’s top talent. From Desyn Masiello to Danny Howells, theAdd2Basket sound moves dance floors the world over. His signature melodies anduplifting quality can be found on internationally-renown labels includingStealth, Alternative Route, Extrema, Glideslope Music and Sick Watona.

Add2Basket’s travelled to 32 countries inmore than 60 cities, with highlight appearances in Brazil, China, Argentina,Uruguay, Mexico, the UAE, the United States, Canada and all over Europe.  He’s been showcased at many of the industry’smost-prestigious venues, such as Pacha in Sao Paolo, G-Plus in Shanghai,Renaissance in Stockholm, 360 in Dubai and Opera Bay in Buenos Aires.  Meanwhile, he continues to host regular gigsand enjoys high-profile residencies in his native Hungary.

Andrew’s constantly looking for new ways toshare his music and passion with friends. After a trip to the Winter MusicConference in 2010, he teamed up with Luke Fair and bringthebeats on a newconcept called The Rogue Show.  Thepodcast provides the very complementary duo an outlet to explore the more eclecticside of house; selections Andrew and Luke don’t often have the opportunity toplay for the dance floor. The entire mix and media archive can be found

2010 was also the beginning of a newcollective called Faciendo, which Andrew joined alongside long-time friendsDesyn Masiello, Tom Morgan, balErik, Dory and Rowan Blades. For moreinformation on this ever-evolving project visit the Faciendo Tribe at

Another labour of love Andrew has been hardat work on is Neston, an online radio station launched in 2012, based out ofhis hometown of Budapest. Andrew works tirelessly, around the clock hunting forunique music for the station’s playlist. There’s a careful process for the selection of each track, and as aresult, boasts one of the most interesting programs on the airwaves.

The success of the ventures outlined abovehas inspired Andrew to build a brand-new studio. Expect to hear new Add2Basketproduction in the very near future, and of course, continue to tune into TheRogue Show, Faciendo and Neston to indulge in the innovation of one ofElectronic Dance Music’s most creative artists.


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