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Since his 1990 international No. 1 single “Killer”, Adam Tinley a.k.a. ADAMSKI has been a household name synonymous with UK electronic dance music.

“After 25 years in the nightspots of the world providing sci-fi beats for hedonists, and even longer as a consumer of all the best scenes from glam rock to grime, I am now spurting all my creative juice into what I call FUTUREWALTZ or 3STEP,” he says. “I realized just how sexy and groovy the Waltz rhythm can be after hearing its influence in the folk music of Venezuela. While researching its origins, I became fascinated and inspired by the history of the Waltz and its social and cultural significance.”

Working in the ¾ time signature has re-energised Adamski, “I'd love to see people dancing together in couples — if only because I'm bored of watching them dance alone.” Adamski has been recruiting collaborators to the Futurewaltz project such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, David McAlmont, Bishi, Congonatty, Asia Argento, Daddy Freddy as well as fresh artists like Shanki, Rowdy SS, Betty Adewole and more.

With an exciting limited edition vinyl box set scheduled for February 2015 on Adamski’s own label FUTUREWALTZ, the whirling is about to get started - “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1799”, Adamski grins.

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