Adam Rush


ADAM RUSH has been spinning HARD DANCE, ELECTRO, & PROGRESSIVE in Los Angeles and the World for over six years; spanning the UNITED STATES, ENGLAND, MEXICO and ASIA .

*His sound originated from Orlando, Floridas dynamic club scene in the mid 90s, but it is now dominated by the influential and evolved sounds of England and Germany.

*ADAM is known for his stage presence and ability to motivate and energize any dance floor. This combined with his high-energy sound makes him one of the fastest growing and most requested west coast DJs; helping establish America as one of the worlds HARD DANCE powerhouses

*His new project, UNITED STATES DJ SERVICE (DJ MANAGEMENT, CLOTHING LINE & RECORD LABEL), is also in the works for SUMMER 2006. This will feature international talent as well as Southern California's finest in HARD DANCE/ ELECTRO/PROGRESSIVE TRANCE/ HOUSE/ & BREAKS.

*FEVAH RECORDS has recruited ADAM as one of their newest US Residents. He completed his first tour with FEVAH RECORDS here in the US at the end of 2003, helping the London based record company launch an American branch of the mega music label.

*He has worked with the legendary CLUB RUBBER (PIMP'N'HO, SUMMER OF LOVE, ETC.) and its founders Damian Sanders and John Huntington for the past four years. Headlining every one of their events from Orange County to San Diego to Las Vegas. This legendary Mega Club is renowned throughout the world for its world class DJ talent, lavish set design, beautiful people, and diehard party atmosphere!--

*Adam recently worked with EMPIRE3g MANAGEMENT ( and helped breach the last electronic music frontier, Asia. He DJed throughout Hong Kong for over a week, reeking HARD DANCE havoc everywhere he played. EMPIRE3g is a brand new music culture company that brings DJs from across America and England to Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Their focus is to infuse dance music with cutting edge 3g Internet technology; allowing them to broadcast events real time as well as Wi-Fi.

*Adam, in association with founder, creator, Rod Flynn, was in charge of music and DJ bookings at Los Angeles longest running afterhours club- RISE/ LAST MAN STANDING @ THE GARAGE/LARCHMONT. For over five years this club provided one of the best parties on the West Coast, mixing in the biggest DJs from all over the world and Los Angeles.

*He also ran ENERGY (Saturdays) AND ROTATE (Fridays) @ FROBAR in Santa Monica, Ca. every weekend for over 3 years. This was the first HARD DANCE club ever on the west side of Los Angeles.

*ADAM has been a resident at CLUB NAKED in Los Angeles for over four years. This is one of Los Angeles HARD DANCE Mega Clubs, bringing in top notch DJs from all over the globe. CLUB NAKED also travels to other major cities throughout the year such as Las Vegas, Dallas, Hawaii, and Denver.

*In addition to his 11 PROMOTIONAL CDs, his 2 newest compilations are "HYBRID-SUMMER 2006" AND "DARK DAYS---WINTER 2003/4".

*A song he produced in collaboration with Toby Bennett aka Bent Theory ( FEVAH Los Angeles) is featured in the action packed movie CODE HUNTER (Fall 2002) directed by good friend Terry Cunningham.

During his fastpaced career ADAM RUSH has spun alongside many prominent dj’s. These include: eamonn fevah (fevah records u.k. music pioneer), steve hill (Y2K records u.k.), tiesto, ed real ( nukleuz records u.k.), matt darey (u.k.), darude, dj jean (amsterdam), yomanda (amsterdam), shimo (u.k.), andrew innes (fevah records usa/nz), cbr (slc), bull t (u.k.), tubs (u.k.), tony p (u.k.), zana mills (u.k.), dj irene, andrew innes (nz), jon bishop (tidy trax records), gearwhore, haktan o’nal (germany), kimball collins (icu records orlando), johnny vicious (new york), keoki (new york), dj rap, thomas michael, mario de bellis (germany), e craig (amsterdam), dj ruff (spain), beej, doran, dymamic duo, donald glaude (seattle), reza, armand von helden (new york), dj ragman (dallas), richard vision, jes from motorcycle, cb-shaw, dave aude, dj mea, robert oleysyck (lv), danny b., scooter & lavelle (sd), matt lamont (uk), teri Bristol (chicago), dj psycho bitch (chicago), christos, miss lisa (sd), huda hudia (orlando), dave dresden, jeff bomb, gee amore, moda, toby, adam webb (lv), danny love, mark tabberner, jason blakemore, dj enrie, mark lewis (u.k.), peran (amsterdam), steve castro, maris (sd), dtj, thrasher (sd), willie trimmer (dallas), swedish egil, and many more.

*Adam was the HOST DJ on the new VH1 reality show pilot "I WILL SURVIVE". This showcased his DJ abilities as well as his acting skills. He has been a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) for over 6 years and has appeared in numerous TV shows, Music Videos, and Motion Pictures. He also did a feature on a new show highlighting DJ lifestyles in America and Brazil to be aired on MTV-Brazil


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