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Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock had been making music on their own for some time before joining forces and becoming 16Bit Lolitas in 2003. This collaboration quckly produced a wave of releases. Tracks such as The Puppet Show, Destiny, My Lexicon, Stereo Control and the epic Sedna quickly followed on labels as diverse as Yoshitoshi, Alternative Route , Release, Sadie, Plastic Fantastic, Nu Republic, Armada, Minimal, DK and LMR. A hectic three years has propelled the boys into the spotlight where their crisp creations have carved out a sound that is both cool and sophisticated. It embraces all that is good about House.

Peter and Ariaan consistently turn in tight productions that stand out in a crowded market place. It’s electronic music that has been patiently crafted and produced with emotion as well as technical proficiency. The 16Bit sound is aimed at the ‘thinking clubber’: shimmering bass ines that are devised to test the cream of the world’s sound systems to the max, compressed kicks that rarely exceed 128 BPM with sparkling hi-hats sprinkled on top. On many tracks, hints of vocals sway in and out of the mix and the subtle loops build tension in a way that defies the producers’ relatively young ages. It’s music that can create a soundscape and deliver a killer blow without the need for constant drum rolls or appegiated synths.

Now Peter and Aad play at almost all of the festivals and big club venues both domestically and internationally, they have headlined some of the world's most prestigious clubs, clocking up the airmiles to play punchy tech-fuelled sets at Crobar in New York and the Space terrace in Miami. Sellout gigs in Argentina and Budapest have seen their reputation rise a highlight being and the UK quickly followed, including a Bedrock's birthday bash in London.

Currently hot new singles include a remix of Loafer “Dirt Bike” and “Non Verbal language” and “Back 2 One” on the UK's Hope Recordings, “Passing lights” / “Chuck Nology” on Yoshitoshi offshoot Shinichi and “Gamma Radio” on legendary UK imprint Renaissance as well as a big summer release on CR2 entitled “The Break” With as yet unreleased music licensed to forthcoming high profile compilations such as Deep Dish’s Sharam’s Global Underground, Jimmy Van M’s Balance, Nick Warren Global Underground and Hernan Cattaneo’s Master Series, the future looks bright for Amsterdam’s floating future house heroes, 16Bit Lolitas.