Super Bowl Weekend in New York Calendar, Events & Parties [2021 Guide]

The best commercials, finger foods, friends, and good ol' pigskin throwing

Super Bowl Weekend Calendar

Do we need to elaborate on this? Super Bowl Sunday, possibly the greatest annual sports event in US history. Even if you have no idea about sports, you know it's a highly anticipated day filled with gridiron goodies, a half-time show extravaganza, the best finger foods, and your non-athletic friends thinking they're more athletic just because they're wearing an NFL jersey. The beer is always fresh on tap during Super Bowl weekend, and the venues in NYC are always rowdy and raucous. It's a special time to witness friends lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, betting against the Patriots (always a bad move betting against Tom Brady), so kick back, grab a cold one or five, and let the sports festivities begin. Your friend can always gamble back his losses at the casino afterwards, and then use said earnings to pop bottles at the club to end the night. Just remember, if someone asks you what position Joe Montana played, it's definitely not running back. "I said Joe Montainya!"

FAQ about Super Bowl Weekend in New York

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When does Super Bowl Weekend start and end?

Super Bowl Weekend is between Saturday, February 06 2021 and Sunday, February 07 2021.

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Where are the top places to go to?

During Super Bowl Weekend, these are the top 5 places to go: Sony Hall.

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Sat Feb 6 · 4 pm
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Sat Feb 6 · 4 pm
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