Oracle OpenWorld in Las Vegas Calendar, Events & Parties [2021 Guide]

Oracle OpenWorld Calendar

Oracle OpenWorld is an annual Oracle convention for business decision-makers, IT management, and line-of-business end users. The world's largest conference for Oracle customers and technologists, Oracle OpenWorld attracted some 60,000 visitors in 2014 and an additional 7 million were expected to follow the event online. In December of 2019, Oracle announced that OpenWorld will be moved from San Francisco to Las Vegas, effective in 2020. If you want to show your customer a good time in Vegas, then book a table and take them out to a Vegas nightclub. If that doesn't close the sale, then at least you will have expensed the table cost!

Below are our recommendations for the best clubs in Vegas to check out!

FAQ about Oracle OpenWorld in Las Vegas

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When does Oracle OpenWorld start and end?

Oracle OpenWorld is between Sunday, October 10 2021 and Wednesday, October 13 2021.

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Where are the top places to go to?

During Oracle OpenWorld, these are the top 5 places to go: Venetian Theatre.

Venues Open During Oracle OpenWorld

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Wed Oct 13 · 8 pm
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Wed Oct 13 · 8 pm
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