St. Patrick's Day in Chicago Calendar, Events & Parties [2021 Guide]

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St. Patrick's Day Calendar

Saint Patrick's Day is a religious (and fun) holiday that is celebrated on March 17th every year. Originally slated to be a day of feasting, it has turned more degenarate over time, and is now more closely associated with binge drinking. If you are planning on going hard and making the most of your St. Patty's Day, look no further than Miami. March 17th is a great time to be in Vegas because it overlaps with the beginning of pool season, March madness, as well as Spring Break for certain schools. Honor this great saint the right way, by feasting in fun!  

FAQ about St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

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When does St. Patrick's Day start and end?

St. Patrick's Day is happening on Wednesday, March 17 2021.

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During St. Patrick's Day, these are the top 5 places to go:

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