Best Zoo Brazil Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Zoo Brazil

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2002 Zoo Brazil (Stockholm) becomes Zoo Brazil after releasing records under various aliases for record companys in late 90´s.

Without further ado, here are Zoo Brazil top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Save Us

Zoo Brazil, Per QX

2. There Is Hope

Zoo Brazil, Rasmus Kellerman

3. Lions

4. Complicated

5. Pump It Up - Zoo Brazil Remix

Mr. Tophat, Robyn, Simson, Zoo Brazil

6. There Is Hope - Reblended

Zoo Brazil, Rasmus Kellerman

7. Heart's a Legend

Zoo Brazil, Philip

8. Crossroads

9. There Is Hope - Radio Edit

Zoo Brazil, Rasmus Kellerman

10. Dance With Me - Mixed

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2002 Zoo Brazil (Stockholm) becomes Zoo Brazil after releasing records under various aliases for record companys in late 90´s. Updating to new Macintosh computer…. eating lot of cheep food and sleeping in the song room and studio floor during late night studio sessions. 2003 Creates more music and develops their musical and artistical talents…. Wins dj battles. goes from floppydisk to CD. Labels starts sending promos…friends starts getting jealous. 2004 Signs contract with Get Physical Music and becomes good friends + cool people wanting to be friends. Serious money coming in… More expensive food habits..and more aware in general of importance of healthy food and stay cool. Exchanging old poor friends to cool rich friends.

2005 Marc at popular Systematic Records like to sign the boys for a few records – they says ok to him and then gets more dj gigs and invitations to important partys around the world… Continues to make even more remixes and dj productions for famous people. Taking part in a streetfight at afterparty and wins……. 2006 Zoo Brazil gets asked to sign new publishing deal with top music company….says´ok and caches in more money…..celebrates with favorite drinks at the local disco. Traveling a alot, force A&R guy to start up legendary techno label Harthouse….without hesitation A&R guy start up Harthouse Mannheim…also they starting up there own record label John Henry Records.

The phones ringing all the time with people wanting to congratulate and sign records. 2007 Updating to latest macintosh G5 plus mg-2000 tube mixer, more vintage synths and gadgets.. creates even more jealousy with old friends… updating the music program to latest. Continue getting more request from super stars begging to be remixed.. They turn them down..producing even more….Travling alot..the cool lady Kylie Minogue ask if she can use "The One" on her new album called "X" the boys say's OK lets go!

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