Best Valy Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks


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I was born on a very rainy day, the 29th of May, in the pilgrim's city of Mashad in Iran.

Without further ado, here are Valy top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Gole Nazam

2. Dokhtare Afghan

3. Atan (Pashto Version)

4. Let's Dance

5. Bia2

6. Zim Zim Zim

7. Aman Aman

8. Khanoomi

9. Delbare Mehraban

10. Bia to Ashegham Bash

Valy Details


I was born on a very rainy day, the 29th of May, in the pilgrim's city of Mashad in Iran. It was a very rainy day, I’m not sure, but this is what my parents have told me. I grew up, however, in the most beautiful city in Germany, Heidelberg! As a child I already sang songs from my favorite movies! My parents recognized very early what had to be done. My father, who was a musician, showed me how to play different instruments. My mother, God bless her, was the best mother in the world. She let me know that it is the passion that the music pulls out of people. It's with this passion for the music that I express myself. If I stand on the stage, I sing what I feel!

It's all the same, whether Iranian, Afghan or Indian, it’s love behind it! When I met my team in 2006 everything changed! Certainly, until then I had earned my money through music, and it would get even better. My team motivated me and we started to produce my album AFTER LOVE! We united traditional with modern music. After 11 months of hard work, the songs were ready. Then we went to the big Majors! October 07 my band and I will be on tour. We play in America, Europe and even in Asia, our complete show. The VALY-SHOW! Every person wants to reach certain goals with what he does.

Many people ask me whether I am Iranian or Afghan and why I sing in different languages. It’s difficult for me to answer such questions, because for me it plays no role where I come from. What's much more important for me is for whom I sing! I sing for YOU! I am not a peacemaker or someone that starts a struggle for peace to sell his album better. No, to me politics makes no difference! I know only that these are not the Iranians who pounce on Afghanistan and I also know that it may not be Afghanistan to which one tries to give the blame for all bad people in the world!

I BELIEVE in all religions, however, I KNOW the biggest and most powerful religion in this world is “LOVE”! The "LOVE" will help us to not fight!

Briefly, to my still, faithful fans: I love it when I see, how often you visit my homepage, or how often you look at my videos on! I’m a proud man and you give me the energy to work on my new album! I hope we see each other on tour! If you come to my concerts, come, but leave your concerns and problems at home, because I want to sing with you and laugh!

For your problems I will take time after my tour. You can write to me, and I will answer every letter myself. Certainly, this could take a little time, but then the mail comes back to you individually answered! If something depresses you or if it makes you a little bit sad, I will listen, I will help, this is and remains our small secret! Promise! I can help, I KNOW it!

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