Best Quixotic Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks


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Voted 'Best Performing Arts Group' by Kansas City Magazine.

Without further ado, here are Quixotic top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Palms

2. Dust to Dust

3. Beat It

Quixotic, LeBrock

4. Highway Violence

5. Schwarzenegger

6. White Testarossa

7. Metal Cobra

8. Love Is a Battlefield

Quixotic, Robots With Rayguns

9. Binary Sunset (The Force Theme from Star Wars)

10. Palms

Quixotic Details


Voted 'Best Performing Arts Group' by Kansas City Magazine. For the past five years, Kansas City based group Quixotic has created a full spectrum of music with sounds rich in electronic tones that soar and twist from emotive rich classical string progressions to driving tribal dance music. Composer Anthony Magliano, along with an award winning band including violinist Shane Borth, keyboardist/vocalist Laura Scarborough, drummer Brandon Draper and Rick Willoughby on Bass, create music with instrumental foundations and diversity that is meant to inspire movement within the group's other half: dancers, multimedia designers, and aerialists.

Quixotic's use of effects, synths and laptops harness technology in a unique way that's never been seen, or heard, before. The innovative musical technology is combined with the fierce and organic rhythm section to create a marriage between two musical worlds within the five-piece band. This musical combination creates a foundation for the dancers, aerialists and multimedia designers to freely explore themselves creatively. The result is a full sensory experience like none other.

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