Best Mr Flash Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Mr Flash

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French producer from Aix en Provence.

Without further ado, here are Mr Flash top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Motorcycle Boy

2. Up in the Clouds - Mr Flash Mix

Darwin Deez, Mr Flash

3. Flesh

4. Soundclash

Courtney Melody, Ninja Ford, Top Secret Music, Mr Flash

5. Disco Dynamite

6. Over The Top (Mr Flash)

7. Couscous

8. Reckless

9. Midnight Blue feat. Surahn

Mr Flash, Surahn

10. Number 1 feat. Cities Aviv, Action Bronson & Oh No

Mr Flash, Cities Aviv, Action Bronson & Oh No

Mr Flash Details

Rap / Hip-Hop

French producer from Aix en Provence. "Flash Gordon" use to work for Virgin Music (France), in the cinematography, to finally have fun with his samplers and take the "guys of TTC" with him to produce them on their firsts 12".

In 2001, he found his label Lust Island but the history is brief, after his first release, Pedro Winter will rapidly contact him to have his next releases on his label Ed Banger Records.

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