Best Mathias Kaden Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Mathias Kaden

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Pack your bags, shaker pure, saxophone, Fender Rhodes, drum machines, percussion, driving to the Digital night.

Mathias Kaden has performed in venues such as: Avant Gardner (Mirage), De Marktkantine, Treehouse, Bassment, Egg, Halcyon, Pacha, Ritter Butzke

Without further ado, here are Mathias Kaden top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Soulmakers - Pulshar Remix

Mathias Kaden, Zoe Xenia, Pulshar

2. Soulmakers - Deetron Remix

Mathias Kaden, Zoe Xenia, Deetron

3. Trust

4. Control Your Mind - Marcel Dettman Remix

Mathias Kaden, Marcel Dettmann

5. All Eyes On You - Mathias Kadens Eyes On The Groove Remix

Dapayk solo, Mathias Kaden

6. Myal - Original

7. Blackbox

8. Substance

9. Red Walls

10. Dandy Doorhole - Mathias Kaden´s The Key Remix

The Glitz, Mathias Kaden

Mathias Kaden Details

House, Techno

Pack your bags, shaker pure, saxophone, Fender Rhodes, drum machines, percussion, driving to the Digital night. Be excited. First joint appearance. What can we expect? On stage? Front of the stage? Incredibly, it just works, it flows, people freak out, a woman comes up, handed us a flower, not a cloud in the sky. 2010 is a special year. For Marbert Rocel. Mathias Kaden. And for Michael Nagler. They combine together their first live musical manuscripts to a new house sound. From Thuringia they knew each other longer. They ran between Erfurt, Gera and Jena often on the road. Also some festivals. Unfortunately they played there almost always at the same time, so they missed it. Why not do something together? The idea was sometime in the room, but was only on the 13th Nachtdigital reality. The bookers of the festival goodness. Because they asked Marbert Rocel and Mathias Kaden, if they do not want to play together a set of individual performances in previous years. A set clear. Mathias added yet brought Michael Nagler and a short time later Karocel began to turn by itself.
A year later, went on the class trip. The spontaneous, unforced charm and driving their night outing digital word spread quickly. Without a disk in the luggage Karocel were invited to the merger and the Source Festival. Followed by other prestigious clubs. Always included: the self-styled visuals and the claim to keep the moment open to respond to the place and the people, even to have fun.
During each for his own stories and projects pursued further, toured the world and recorded disks, Karocel grew together into an independent band. Eventually, a new idea emerged: an album. Go to the studio to write new songs. In Leipzig - the new home of choice Marbert Rocel - they all met in the fall of 2012 to three jam sessions. And again, they simply put off. And again it worked. "We just fit well together," a phrase that loses all Floskelhaftigkeit at Karocel.
2013 is therefore a further special year for the band. Pleasure of dancing with Plaited published not only the ten most memorable moments of the sessions - the album also deepened the feeling of all six protagonists themselves Karocel The announced European tour will do the rest.

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