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Best Lukas Rossi Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Lukas Rossi Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

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Best of Lukas Rossi

Lukas Rossi has performed in venues such as:

House of Blues - The Bronze Peacock

Without further ado, here are Lukas Rossi top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Headspin (Part Two)

2. Superman

3. Summertime

4. Lock n' load

5. Sunrise of a Digital Star

6. When We Were Young

7. Foolish

8. Higher Bridges

9. Day Dreaming

10. Wreckless Abandoned

Lukas Rossi Details

"Lost inside your eyes, the vision never dies", wailed Lukas Rossi debuting his original song, 'Headspin', to an international audience of viewers of the 2006 CBS summer hit, Rock Star Supernova. Emerging from Toronto's Indie music scene, Rossi burst onto the main stage with his undeniable swagger, magnetism and soaring vocals. His unique and engaging stage presence won him the role as the lead singer for the industry's next super group and poises him to become rock's next legendary front-man.

Over the course of the show, Rossi evoked a modern day glam rocker, the likes not seen since T-Rex or David Bowie. Showcasing melodic vocal ability coupled with a distinct style of elaborate makeup, striped Mohawk, and flamboyant fashion, comparisons came from critics and viewers alike. His androgynous look as well as his spine-tingling vocals made fans take notice, voting for him week after week until September 13th, when Tommy Lee pronounced him victorious.

Although now known to a world-wide audience, Rossi had been struggling for 15 years to break out. Growing up in Toronto, Rossi (born December 21, 1976) knew early on that music was his calling, stating music 'was his best friend'. Rossi jumped into the music world at age 15, when he formed his first band Cleavage with neighborhood friends. Gaining devoted fans in Toronto, Cleavage played over 350 live shows and went on to win the prestigious 'Best Canadian Unsigned Band' award at the 2000 NXNE Music Festival. Part of the award was valuable studio time with producer Alex Liefson (guitarist for Rush,) which resulted in a self-titled debut album, 'Cleavage', released in May 2001. The indie album contained six Rossi-penned songs including 'Riddled', released as a video on Canada's MuchMusic television station.

Honing his stage presence during numerous live shows, Rossi began to win fans with the group's unique sound and haunting lyrics. "Loud enough for the boys but sentimental enough for the girls, this band is an alt-rock radio programmer's wet dream," a critic for Chart Attack wrote in 2002.

The debut album contained a mix of sweet soaring soprano notes delivered in the midst of edgy guitar riffs. Rossi blended the two contrasting elements seamlessly, as well as prominently showcasing his amazing song-writing ability. This talent led Rossi to a publishing deal with EMI, which would later change his life forever.

Showcased in earlier work is Rossi's ability to effortlessly blend a melodic sweetness with dark imagery that has many fans mesmerized. While always hovering on the brink of stardom, nothing came together for Cleavage and the band broke up in 2004.

Not one to give up his dream, Rossi formed another project, Rise Electric, in 2005 with Montreal-based guitarist Dominic Cifarelli of the band Pulse Ultra. Filling out the line up was bassist Jay Cianfrini and drummer Maxx Zinno. Newly inspired, Rossi packed his bags and moved to Montreal. The band wrote over 30 songs and performed for A&R executives at several music showcases. The band played gigs in Montreal and Toronto and spent time in the studio recording new songs.

Things appeared to be progressing, but then suddenly stalled. It was during this time that Rossi found out about Rock Star Supernova from EMI executive, Barbara Sedun. Upon hearing that it was Lee, Clarke and Newsted, he agreed to fly to Vancouver where he subsequently nailed his audition.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Rock Star Supernova kicked off their world tour New Year's Eve at the Joint in Las Vegas.

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