Best Lil Eazzyy Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Lil Eazzyy

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If an artist has a vision for themself, they have to see it through.

Lil Eazzyy has performed in venues such as: Hive Music Festival, Rolling Loud, Summer Smash Festival

Lil Eazzyy has played in major festivals like Hive Music Festival, Rolling Loud, Summer Smash Festival

Without further ado, here are Lil Eazzyy top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Onna Come Up

2. Onna Come Up (feat. G Herbo) [Remix]

Lil Eazzyy, G Herbo

3. Freestyle

4. Spinnin (feat. Tay Keith)

Lil Eazzyy, Tay Keith

5. Bring Some Mo (feat. NLE Choppa)

Lil Eazzyy, NLE Choppa

6. Temper

7. Forever Been Steppin'

8. Up There

9. Nothing Left

10. Feeling Different

Lil Eazzyy Details

Rap / Hip-Hop

If an artist has a vision for themself, they have to see it through. Such is the case for Chicago rapper Lil Eazzyy. At 18, he's beginning to live out his dreams, tasting early rap success and garnering national recognition plus major label attention with his song "Onna Come Up."

Already streamed over 16 million times on Spotify thanks to its placement on RapCaviar and Most Necessary playlists, the Hugo Black-produced "Onna Come Up" features a no-hook showcase of bars centered on Eazzyy's ride to the top. The track, which was originally a freestyle, and released at the urging of his manager, began making noise online within a month of its arrival in May.

"Right now, on a come up/Lately been talkin' my shit because I know I come from the gutters/Send shots at ya brotha/Then I go pop out in all of this linen like I was a butler/How can you hate me? I'm comin' from under/Nowhere to sleep, what the fuck is a cover?/Now I pop out in Balencis, they runners," he raps over an ominous beat.

"Onna Come Up" has turned a recording he did for fun two years ago into a viable career. On that fateful day in 2018, one of Eazzyy's friends brought him along on a studio run, and it was on from there. Those frequent studio trips with his crew helped Eazzyy build himself from someone who saved rhymes on his phone to an artist who now spends much of his time recording and improving his skills in the booth.

After taking rap seriously for about a year, Eazzyy now has a song that's climbing in popularity. Currently, the rising rhymer is in talks with labels to sign the right deal. Things are changing quickly for Eazzyy, who dropped his newest, guitar-driven banger "Activated" in late October.

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